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Russia has built an android. It’s not fast, strong, or smart as Sammi, but it is extremely dangerous, because it’s the President of the United States. Sammi becomes a Secret Service agent to mitigate the worst problems as his Deep State allies help to preserve democracy, law, and order.

Russia sends an assassin, Traktor, to find and eliminate the troublemaker who is disrupting their plan to destroy the U.S. from within. Traktor discovers Sammi’s existence and strikes at his weakest points: his human wife and daughter. Sammi can save the world – or save the people he loves most.


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The riots in Washington

The recent riots at the capital are alarming. My novel, SAMMI and the President, didn’t anticipate the events of the last few days. I have temporarily halted publication of the […]

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W.D. (“Dave”), County has a passion for writing fiction, especially horror and science fiction. His first story, ” My Name is Priscilla” appeared in Spinetingler in April, 2010.

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