WD County

The riots in Washington

The recent riots at the capital are alarming. My novel, SAMMI and the President, didn’t anticipate the events of the last few days. I have temporarily halted publication of the novel until after the inauguration, and I will then release an updated edition that provides a fictional background to actual events.

Christmas Cards

I just finished signing, sealing, stamping, and sending sixty-five Christmas cards. My wife ( Claudell) and I could have emailed cards, but we feel that the arrival of a hardcopy message of joy is more exciting and more personal than clicking on an icon. On the other hand, my tongue feels unpleasantly gummy from licking envelopes. Time for some eggnog!

Welcome to the New W.D. County Site

Welcome to my blog! The topics discussed will vary widely because I’m interested in many things: physics, astronomy, science fiction, metaphysics, chess, AI, psychology, nature, art, puzzles—the list goes on. Sometimes I’ll talk about events in my life; sometimes I’ll talk about world events. In general, my blog entries will be short, a paragraph or two, and I’ll strive to make them interesting and informative. Some entries will include a photograph. Regardless of subject matter, each post should leave you with something to ponder. Consider the message of my favorite refrigerator magnet.

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