A Six Pack of Magic

This anthology of W.D. County’s stories covers the theme of magic: a wizard’s apprentice who transforms himself to escape a firing squad, a sorcerer reanimating the dead, a dragon flying over the Emperor of China, a belt with some rather unusual qualities, a colonial slave trader with troublesome cargo, and a man who finds avoiding death has a price. Each story is different, yet each shares the underlying power of dark magic; a power that entices and promises greatness right up to the moment you realize you aren’t in control… and never were.

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A Six Pack of Evil

This anthology of W.D. County’s stories provides a glimpse into human based evil: a mute child with an urgent message, a meeting of gangsters, a corporate-sponsored murder, an unhinged actuary, an abused boy who finds solace with toy soldiers, and a surgeon with a most unusual fetish. Each story is different, yet each triggers an underlying feeling of dread and a surge of adrenaline as you realize evil surrounds you… and it’s getting closer

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Unity Reflections

A photo-essay of Unity Village, Missouri, located about fifteen miles from downtown Kansas City. The vibrant architecture of Unity Village charms me. The quiet harmony of its nature trail resonates with me. An aura of magic permeates the grounds. This book uses my photographs and those by my wife, Claudell, to capture a bit of that magic and season it with quotations and whimsical poetry.

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Slow the Pace

An anthology containing fifteen incredible stories written by very talent authors. These stories will trigger your imagination, pull you out of the real world, and allow you to escape from the everyday routine. Stories of family loss, workplace revenge, discovery, not-so-gentle aging, hidden monsters, fantasy, magic, dealing with the public, futuristic conflicts, and overcoming lost causes. Included are authors: Ronna L. Edelstein, Jeff Spitzer, Dorene O’Brien, Tom Stock-Hendel, Michelle Wotowiec, Jennifer A. Powers, Phillip Frey, Catharine Leggett, W. D. County, JoAllen Bradham, Joe Dornich, Mike Tuohy, Mary Smith, S. Baer Lederman, and Robin Hostetter.

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Pulp Ink 2

Pulp Ink 2’s got beautiful killers, visions of the apocalypse, blood-thirsty rats, and one severed arm on a quest for revenge. No half-assed reboots here, just some of the finest writing in crime and horror today. Featuring stories by Kevin Brown, Mike Miner, Eric Beetner, Heath Lowrance, Matthew C. Funk, Richard Godwin, Cindy Rosmus, Christopher Black, Andrez Bergen, James Everington, W. D. County, Julia Madeleine, Kieran Shea, Joe Clifford, Katherine Tomlinson, R. Thomas Brown, Court Merrigan, BV Lawson, and Patti Abbott.

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