Quest for the Blue Crystal

Centuries ago, magic was made safe with the creation of the Blue Crystal, a massive jewel through which all magic is channeled and limited by seven Strictures placed on magic. Kratia, a female wizard lord, has a plan to use the ninja (Billy Takashema) and the mercenary (Michael Drake) to alter the Strictures, giving her access to  spells of death and mass destruction. But Kratia didn’t plan on Nexus, an old blind wizard, who befriends and trains Billy in magic. After facing marauding barbarian tribes, crossing a barren polar wasteland, and fire-breathing dragons, Billy gets to the hard part – deciding whether to unleash Kratia’s evil rule, which will save Nexus and let Billy return to Earth; or to oppose Kratia, which save the world but kills his friend and maroons Billy on Salminerai forever.